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Freddie Bear Sports Showcases

Archers Exercise Showcase
Get fit this winter. Improve your scores. Tighten up your groups. Don't miss that trophy buck. Don't fool yourself, strength does matter!

Attracting wild game to your hunting spot.
Enhance your hunting property now with these attractant products. Get the animals use to visiting your stand location.

Awesome Gift Ideas
We put together a list of the stuff we use and recommend all the time. Most of these are things that top our own lists year round.

Bear Hunting Essentials
Bug dope is a must have on a bear hunt, lots of it will not keep blackflies off you, we know what will.

Bow Fishing Gear
Bowhunting is a growing sport. Find everything you need in one place.

Bow Hunt the West: Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope
Special equipment needed for a safe and successful hunt out west.

Bow Hunters Get Started Package
If you're just starting out, on a budget, this is what it takes to get in the woods.

Bow Hunting Big Game Up North, Moose and Caribou
Equipment for a safe and successful hunt in Alaska or Canada.

Camouflage Lingerie / Loungewear / Swimwear
Intimate Apparel, Loungewear, and Swimwear from Wilderness Dreams. Great gifts for Men and Women!

Control Human Scent
Want to move your hunting success up a notch? Get smart and get your clothes and body scent free.

Deer Hunting Essentials
Find tons of useful items you will need for deer hunting.

Long Bows & Recurves
I have 40 long bows and recurves in my personal collection dating back to the early 50s. I shoot a compound bow too. If you haven't tried a "stick" bow, join the 1000's who have found the fun of shooting this type of archery equipment.

Predator Hunting Supplies
Go after coyotes and other predators now with these great hunting products.

Silence your bow
Make your hunting bow as silent as possible. Check out these products that make this happen.

Tree Stand Accessories
Make your stand all it can be for long sits and successful shots.

Tune Your Bow & Arrows Now, Before Season!
Get ready for the next bow hunt. Change your string and cables, repair your arrows. Tools and supplies to do the job right.

Turkey Calls - Box
Box Calls are ideal for any begginer in Turkey Hunting. The Box Call lets you easily replicate many different Turkey sounds.

Turkey Calls - Diaphragm
Diaphragm Calls are for more advanced Turkey Callers. The Diaphragm Call allows the caller to carry many Diaphragms easily without taking up much room.

Turkey Calls - Push Button
A "no brainer" way to perfect calling. These push button calls really work!

Turkey Clothing and Clothing Accessories
You'll find camo clothes, hats, face-masks and vests in this showcase.

Turkey Locator Calls
Always carry more than one type of locator. Try the gobble shaker. It really works!

Turkey Seats, Blinds and Other Gear
All the other gear you need for turkey hunting.

Turkey Videos
Learn from the masters. Check out these fine videos with great hunts and great how to's.


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